Tsarina Baltic - 100 Slashes Execute Madness JOI

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35 0 15-01-2023, 14:16

On your night out partying you wake up in your one night stands home, yet there's no escape, she has you on a spell, you're so weak and yet she only adds to it by giving you some liquid to ingest, something sooo trippy, you can't even feel her slashing you up, just an insatiable need to jerk you can't resist only comply and stroke. All fears leave your mind behind, you only wish to jerk, you're only horny only so weak for this Evil woman, she'll sacrifice you for her own personal gain and you're powerless to it, you accept your fate as a lamb lead to eternal emptiness. She counts you down with every slash closer to your end. 100 to 1 you cum and end it in eternal bliss. She'll literally squeeze you dry to live forever beautiful.

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