AstroDomina - THE TICKLE BOX

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Don't you love little experiments, especially the ones where I get to torment you?You are Sydney's product tester, and she has a new invention she needs your help trying out. What is it? Well, it involves a box of sorts. It's large enough for you to fit in and has two leg holes at the bottom. She explains how you will have to get in the box and stick your feet through the holes. Go ahead get in there. She tells you this is her new tickle box. The whole contraption is set up to keep your feet hanging out, so she can tickle you mercilessly and there's no where for you to go!On top of that, she decides to use some tape to bind you even further. She doesn't want to get distracted by your laughing of course, she needs to focus on the box and how effective it is at restraining you. You had better do what she says, you are her product tester now aren't you? Of course, there are some perks for her, as she really seems to get off on keeping you in there.How badly will Sydney torment you while you're stuck in her tickle box? How long will she keep you in there? Watch to find out!

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