Lady Fyre - Enslaved to a Goddess

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15 0 29-06-2020, 10:16
Lady Fyre - Enslaved to a Goddess

Length: 103 MB for 00:11:06

Description: Custom (no name): You’re going to give up your power for me. You’re going to submit to me because you can’t resist me: my body, my breasts, my beauty. There are so many things that I’m going to make you do for me, including being my sex slave. You’ll be grateful to me for enslaving you. I’ll make you give it all up to me, make you admit that you want complete submission. You know that when I count you down to orgasm you’ll be completely mine, and eating your cum is the proof of your complete obedience.

Format: AVI
Video: 1024x576, 1 160 kb/s, 30.000 fps

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