Hypnotic Natalie - Other girls are nice...

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Hypnotic Natalie - Other girls are nice...

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Description: Other girls are nice …
…but I’m not! Other girls promise to empty your balls if you watch their clips or sign up for their fan clubs, but I only promise to ruin you, fuck you up and make your balls more blue! After all, I don’t do this just for the money! And you can tell! I get pure pleasure out of your misfortune, out of knowing your balls ache from my teasing haha And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do to you today – tease and torment you, but also make you eat your cum! Don’t get your hopes up, though, cause I’m not letting you cum – you’ll bring your own cum from a previous jerk off session! You’ll save it for me in a glass and keep it in the fridge until you can watch my clip. Then you’ll be a good boy and follow all of my instructions on how to properly eat it for my entertainment!

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