Goddess Evelyn - Self-Sucking Cuckold

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Goddess Evelyn - Self-Sucking Cuckold

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Description: Well, today is the big day! Today is the first day I finally cuck you, and I am so excited! Can't you tell? I've been waiting this for such a long time- I can't wait! But I do feel for you cucky, I don't want you to be left out. I know our bedroom life is going to change, but I still want you to enjoy yourself, and I want you to help make My life easier in the bedroom. So you'll have the task of getting My lovers ready for Me. I want you to get them hard for Me by sucking their cocks. Once they are ready for Me, I want you to sit in the corner, watch, and suck your own cock. I want you to be constantly practicing. You should be really good after a few weeks, and it will speed up the process of getting My lovers ready tremendously. You should get used to eating cum. You'll be deepthroating your own of course, but after I'm finished you'll be eating his as well. I hate having a messy pussy after sex. So I expect you to help clean Me up. Aren't you so excited for our new sex life?! This clips
has a more loving, caring tone. Light humiliation.

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