Eva de Vil - VacCEInated - Clinic Fantasy

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Eva de Vil - VacCEInated - Clinic Fantasy

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Description: [Wear headphones and watch in a dark room to get the full experience, even for the preview! You don’t want to miss a single whisper of this tantalizingly erotic mind fuck]
If I told you eating your cum would save your life, would you believe me?
Flowing through your veins now is a deluge of my specially formulated elixir. Flooding your body. Spreading uncontrollably.
You met the criteria perfectly to be eligible for this trial: a raging libido and a willingness to comply. You chose to trust this vaccine. You’ve already demonstrated that you’ll eagerly obey orders so I know you’ll be a perfect patient for me.
You were promised that this vaccine would cure you, save you, let you get back to living a normal life. But I decide what will be normal for you.
Normal will be gooning for me and finishing off with a hot dose of cum to sustain your immunity.
Yes, it will be necessary to eat your cum if you want to stay healthy. The antibodies are produced in your testicles and the only way your body can benefit is by swallowing your seed. Simultaneously, the vaccine rewires your mind to crave the very tonic that is vital to your wellbeing. Your sub-conscience is being altered to desire cum as we speak, melting away any lingering hesitation and disgust.
The thought of eating your own cum will become unbearably arousing and you’ll have no choice but to surrender to the urges that I’ve injected into your mind.
You’re going to need some material for your new fetish and I have just the pres cription for you. I want you gooning to my psycho-remedy, to Goddess Eva’s mind medicine, so you cum hard straight into your mouth. I won’t have the effectiveness of my treatment hindered by your inability to produce a sufficient load.
Side effects may include lightheadedness, euphoria, submissive tendencies, obedience, erections, aching balls and lustful day dreams.

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